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“franco_biondolillo” This coming summer, Franco Biondolillo, a sophomore here at Marietta College, has the opportunity to intern at Eaton in Cleveland, OH.

Eaton is a power management company and they strive to provide safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions for their global customers. They provide products such as electrical circuit breakers, hydraulics, aerospace systems and parts for vehicles.

Biondolillo is an Information Systems major and has been working toward finding an internship the entire fall semester. He first learned about this summer internship through an website called indeed.

Most of the internships in the IS department are more business orientated working around the MIS portion of the major. This internship qualifications are very similar, although technical ability through coursework and work experience is preferred. This internship also requires strong analytical and business process skills in order to have a full grasp to what is going on.

Through this internship, Franco says that he is most excited about the opportunity to develop valuable skills outside of the classroom through teamwork and also directly from his manager who is an Enterprise Engineer. He also goes on to say “I think this internship will help me set a clear path on the field of work I'll want to go into upon graduation. Finally, I will have the opportunity to improve upon my professional skills and career oriented lifestyle from what I currently possess.”

This internship describes that Franco will develop skills through structured training, coaching, and networking events in the areas of business intelligence (data mining), project management processes, business analysis, systems architecture, IT security, enterprise resource planning and management systems, web and mobile applications, telecommunications and data infrastructure processes and many other disciplines which form the backbone for service delivery at a premier industrial diversified manufacturer and more Information Technology.

Through this 12-week paid internship, Franco explained “I will work at Eaton’s U.S. Headquarters in Beachwood, OH near Cleveland beginning on May 12th.”

This internship does not start until this summer, come back for more details in the fall to see how Franco did and what all he gained from this experience!


Home News & Events Information Systems sophomore finds internship at Eaton

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