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Douglas Miller and Scott

Scott Morrison of West Virginia Department of Natural Resources is working on a project where they are tracking Muskie activity in the lake at North Bend State Park. He originally used an Excel spreadsheet to organize the data but quickly realized he needed a database to store the information. He chose to use the Microsoft Access database, after meeting with Scott we realized there were a lot of results for fish in the same area since the receivers continually recorded readings and the fish would swim around the receivers.

After seeing a need to make the information more useful I was able to consult with Professor Van Camp and devise a program written in Visual Basic within the database. The program keeps tracks of the number of records, first time the receiver picks up the reading, the last time the receiver picks up the reading, the fishes ID tag, and the receiver ID.


Here are some of the internships our students have this summer:

Cory Clark - Kraton Polyers

Andrew Dufford - Nationwide Insurance

Jonathan Hebb - Kraton Polymers

Bryn Perkey - Peoples Bank

Andrew Moscardino - NChannel

Austin Sampson - Datatel

Vance Turnewitsch - Google Summer of Code






Home Student Activities Internships

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